INT D 125

INT D 125-A1 The Politics and Society of Austria (3*) 

Fall 2016

LEC B1 (66073)

Instructor: David Wineroither

MWF 1100 - 1150

Location: BUS B 5

Austria and the European Union – Experiences, Crises, and Alternatives

This course is an introduction to Austrian and European politics and society. Austria, the old heartland of Central Europe, has undergone profound changes and rupture during the 20th century, including experiences of external democratization resulting from lost wars.

The country’s history exemplifies the needs that led to European integration, which is an economic and political project unparalleled in the history of humankind. Today Austria and the EU share a set of challenges that have started to cast doubt as to whether the status quo of supranationalism can be sustained: migration, populism, break-away and secession.

In light of these crises, what does the future of the EU look like? This agenda will be linked to a cultural mission. There will be a number of activities to get in touch with Austrian and European history, mindset and lifestyle!

Open to all U of A students. No prerequisites. Register on Beartracks.

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