HIST 112

HIST 112 Refugee Crisis: Responses and Challenges

Winter 2016

Instructor: Srdja Pavlovic

MWF 1300 - 1350

Location: HM Tory 1-93

This lecture-based course traces the history of the ongoing refugee crisis and analyzes its impact on Europe and beyond. Relying on case studies (Greece, Macedonia, and Serbia) Dr. Pavlovic examines various responses to the refugee crisis by the EU and individual states as well as non-state actors (civil society, NGO sector, professional associations, community organizations, international organizations).

What are the causes of the refugee crisis? Are refugees a threat to peace and security? Are they criminals and terrorists? Are they migrants or refugees? Who feels threatened by refugees, and why? Are they a cheap labor force?

Weekly readings and videos will serve as basis for in-class discussions. No prerequisites needed.

Contact: pavlovic@ualberta.ca

Office: H.M. Tory Building 2-60